Suzie is married to Dan and they have five children and three grandchildren.  She has worn many hats in her lifetime: Stay-at-home mom, homeschooler, civil engineering technician, and medical transcriptionist among them.   She loves homesteading and wishes so much that she lived where she could have a chicken coop.  She’s an avid gardener, mostly of the flowering type as she seems to have a real knack for killing anything edible.  She loves dogs and wishes for a corgi but has yet to convince Dan that their lives aren’t already full enough.  She is a lover of great books and hopes to publish one someday soon.  She is a contributing author at SRN network.  She is passionate about excellent wine, down-home cooking, small-plot gardening, and organic living.  She is known far and wide as an organizational expert (or freak, depending on your viewpoint) by her friends and family who come to her frequently for help with a myriad of organizational tasks.  Welcome to her site!

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